"Dearest Sona:

Thank you for the wonderful trip to Italy and Greece. I had an amazing time! You made my dream come true, I wouldn't have seen the places or experienced such beauty without your tour. You are an amazing person, I am so glad to have met you. It's people like you that makes the world a better place. Your friendliness and expertise are impeccable. May God bless you, your family, your business and your staff. Wishing you all ample success in the coming years. Love you always"

(Caroline Mektikanyan)


"After few months of organizing, arranging and selecting your tour, we flew to Cuba Nov. 28 three days after Castro’s death. We were uncertain what we are going to face when we arrive to Cuba. You managed and organized a plan under a difficult situation without any interruptions for group of 37 people. I am sure it was very challenging to keep everyone happy under difficult circumstances, especially when the situation was out of your control. I am sure at the end everyone was very happy and pleased. Certainly, I can say on behalf of our group, we were grateful to have you as our tour leader and you pulled a miracle under a tough situation. Especially during the last night at Varadero when we were riding in classic convertible cars to the best dinner and show, it was very high-class. We Left Cuba with great memories.Your local tour guide and driver were exceptionally professional and knowledgeable and our accommodations was exceptional. We will definitely recommend Sona Tours to our friends!"

(Vahe and Anahid Terpanchian)

"The trip to Italy, June 2012 was a dream come true! We've been looking forward to this trip, but never imagined to be able to visit so many places in such a short time. You made it possible! We have so many great memories to cherish for years. Thank you for your professionalism, patience, and sincere care."

(Jackie & Asped Avakian)

"The way that best describes Sona Tours is TLC. We were treated with tender loving care! It is extremely rare to find this kind of personalized service in a regular tour company. The entire staff took care of all our needs and desires! Sona, herself, became virtually our "mom" who took care of us with gentle loving care as well as great warmth, nurturing organization and leadership. It was indeed a terrific experience for all!"

(Victor & Suzie Gabrielian)

"Thank you so much for this first class China Trip. As I said before, Armenians appreciate three things: 1) Good Food 2) Good Company 3) Good Memories The participants on this trip also added to the success of the trip. The majority were easy going, laid back and very friendly people. Thank you for your leadership and detailed organizational skill that you provided to all. God bless and keep up the good work. Thanks alot."

(Anahid Terjimanian)

"We do appreciate all the hard work you have put in planning this trip. Every detail was considered and thought about. We were very pleased with the professional personal care you gave each one of us. Thank you very much for the great memories you provided us. Sonia's very friendly, pleasant personality and communication skills in both languages Armenian & English was commendable. Thank you again."

(Hagop & Ashkhen Krioghlian)

"Dear Sona, This was the 4th trip I have gone with you and it was the best trip I had, but I think that every time upon return and every time you surprise me by presenting a better time. Your caring and pleasant demeanor exceeds everybody's expectations. You treat everybody like a member of your own family, care for their comfort and satisfaction. You have awesome personality and amazing patience. On this trip everything was well organized as usual we had a good food, good time and visited interesting places. Thank you so much."

(Janet Arzumanian)

"Throughout the entire trip to China, every detail of traveling to the five different cities was thought of and taken care of. Sona Tours did a wonderful job of making sure that we didn't have to worry about anything except to enjoy the experiences that our vacation to China had to offer. We stayed at the most amazing hotels and saw the most amazing sites. Thank you Sona Tours."

(Ciara Libaridian)

"I never dreamed of traveling to China. It was never even a thought in my mind. An opportunity and I joined the China Tour with two friends. How glad I am that I did. It was an incredible experience. I departed Los Angeles with 80 strangers and by the time we returned 12 days later we became family. I made new friends and we have already made plans to continue our friendship. Together we enjoyed fun sightseeing, shopping, eating, eating and eating! How fortunate for me. Now I will dream of China."

(Mania Abrahemian)

"The China trip was amazing!!! Extremely pleasant experience. The only thing more amazing was the organizer of the trip, Sona Touloumdjian. Her professionalism, organized skills and the readiness to meet everyone's needs was beyond expectations. Dear Sona, we wish you continuous success in your profession. See you soon again."

(Maral & Navasart Kazazian)

"Hi Sona, Our trip has been a memorable one for us. We felt at home everywhere. Your care and dedication was great. This was our first trip with you. We have traveled with other groups but this one was exceptional. Keep up the good work and thanks and good luck."

(Berj & Nelly Kalamkarian)